Injuries Prove Photography is a Contact Sport…

This… Is what a dislocated shoulder looks like. You don’t really want to know what it feels like. Happened after my mom +Monika Vega and I had some photographic bonding time. I was going over the basics of #nightphotography.

(*BACKSTORY* Mom is in town because I had a #seizure last week which led to #brainsurgery and removal of a #tumor Nov 20th 2013. Dislocation #1 happened then. I was unconscious for that one)

When we were all wrapped up with photos and got some pretty cool shots… Got back into the car… Closed the AAAAAAGH! “What is it, what’s wrong?!” She asked. “My arm, it’s back out” I said through painful breaths. We had been capturing the Christmas lights at the circle in downtown #Belleville. You know what else is in downtown Belleville? The wonderful people at #StElizabeths Hospital. Oh they treated me like family… I’m sure it helped that I was pleasant to them (even through pain). It really never pays to be a jerk. I wouldn’t have been treated faster if I decided to be rude. By the way… If you dislocate a joint twice in 2 weeks, it hurts more the second time. I’d like not to do that again.

PS: Don’t let me hear a bunch of mess about me “doing too much” the photography didn’t hurt my shoulder. Closing the car door hurt my shoulder. Spent about an hour together having a great time… But I got a little careless doing a common action, and my joint was still healing.

xray of my dislocated shoulder

dislocated shoulderdislocated shoulder side view

they fixed my shoulderxray of my fixed shoulder


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