Time to rebuild relationships! (Right?)

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So my wife and I have had access to great services which we don’t take advantage of. Specifically our email list maintained by Mailchimp. I decided to dust off the cobwebs since it’s been about a year since our last post. Wow… They can’t make it any easier! Mailchimp is so beautifully user-friendly, I’m disappointed that we waited so long to post! In fact, click here to see the December “iDex Insider” update. Anyhow, we’re grateful for everyone who’s opted in over the last year or so. I think we’ll be offering some good content via the email list.

My personal goal is to build an interactive community through our email marketing. I’m hesitant to actually say “email marketing” but the fact is, I want people to know what we do in the hopes that one day we can do it for them! There are a lot of great photographers, videographers, and visual communications specialists in the St Louis area so I need something besides my great smile and charming personality to differentiate us from our peers.

What kinds of things do you like to see in your emails? What makes a good newsletter? (I hate the term “newsletter” by the way) if you’re a content provider, what successes have you seen regarding email marketing?

Oh yeah one last thing… Join the list!
Our email family is growing, and I want you to be a part! (Isn’t that romantic?)
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