Award Winner: Most Underrated Music Video

Too secular for the church crowd? Too “churchy” for the secular crowd?Some of you agree with the lyrics of this song word for word. Some don’t. Regardless, we can all agree on the core “Stop the Violence” message. When I heard the roster of talent that was coming together to make this track, and I really understood the spirit of unity (not fear or hatred) I was completely on board and HONORED that TraganRecords Illinois wanted me film this. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite film products. SHARE if you think the violence should stop. Please also stop by my page IDex Photography & Multimedia and lend me a LIKE.

I hope you share if you appreciate it. Thanks for the love.

What’s next?
Well, I Wrapped up the video with @avary_kemp2 who was rolling 50 deep LOL.


Dude was so serious watching the monitor, with his IceCube stare… I would have posted earlier but… I fell asleep when I got home! #music video #atomosninja


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