Quit Rejecting Your Inner Awesome

I’m different. Not because I always try to be, or because I’m trying to start some sort of “movement”, I’m just different. First, I’ve never met another Cesaron in my life… I’ve heard there are others out there somewhere but we’ve never met for coffee. But I (and you) have a unique history of experiences, influences, and past or present relationships which ALL effect my preferences, personality, and perceptions. Where/when I was born, in conjunction with my ethnicity and my parents’ careers also play a very large part. 

 So with all of the things that actually make us us, why do people try so hard to be someone else? I hope as you’re reading you find personal AND professional parallels here. Your business/brand cant sustain growth if you’re more interested in emulating someone else than offering something new. Sure, everyone wants to “be like Mike” (some of my readers are too young to really get that) but listen…

You rob the world when instead of being you, you become a cheap copy of someone else. It’s the one thing nobody else is good at. You.

I earnestly believe that. It’s why mobile apps fail. It’s why celebrities are forgotten. It’s why TV shows do poorly. They aren’t offering something that stands out or has a unique draw. The times I’m at my best are when I’m fully comfortable in my own skin, and I share it with the world. I’ve been told my personality is a draw. There are better photographers AND/OR videographers than me. But there’s not another me. I’ve known who I am for a pretty good while now, and pretty happy about it because there are plenty others who are several years older than me and they don’t really know themselves. The problem then becomes, what do I do with that information? Nope, I’m not always consistent in my response. Yes, that’s a problem. When I get bogged down or stressed, I get in survival mode… And I’m not fully ME, I’m just a generic dude trying to make it. How’s that appealing at all? Seriously, what kind of lukewarm bulljive and I selling at that point? And out of the sales and relationships I DO aquire during those periods… I’m not really giving them what they came for, am I?

Ha! I guess I’m validated. Im fired up after attending this great church leadership conference called Navigating Change. That mixed with pent-up personal opinion spawned this blog post. But there’s also a popular photographer and blogger Nikki McArthur I heard a while back on Andrew Hellmich’s show Photobiz Xposed. After I finished writing this post, I checked her out for the first time online. Just scraping my brain to see where else might be a resource for people. Yeah, she says most of this same stuff! Her language isn’t mine (I repeat, her language is NOT mine), and I’m pretty sure I’m on the far far fringe of her audience. But I appreciate her sincerity and I believe she makes solid points. She talks directly to her niche audience and teaches others how to do the same. Wanna hear more of this? Check her out. She can help you more in depth with your branding too. (look up “Gimme That It” www.gimmethatit.com ) and she isn’t the only one… Because this info is true.


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