InstaBAM [via Instagram] I had to take my “grownup glasses” off to see this. After I got home Saturday night this kid rearranged my gear and said “see the robot?” Do you? Me neither (at first). Sometimes I feel like my son has terrible timing. Though 4-year-olds aren’t typically associated with IDEAL social behaviors. Here’s the thing… To ME, I just got back from shooting all day (photo&video, folks, stay with me!) it’s dark, it’s late, leave me alone. but to HIM this is the first opportunity to play with Dad and show him these cool ideas and inventions. Parents, want some advice? TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY. Take off your grownup glasses and get in your kids head for a bit. Weather I’m coming back from a photo assignment, video assignment, meetings, site visits, recon… When I get back my son is ready to engage with me. So if I turn him away what does that say about me? What does it say about how important he is? Anyway… I don’t know if I’m tipping or ranting but the “robot” on my office floor thanks me for saying hello. 🙂 loving your kids takes effort. They don’t value mom and dad’s work time as love but they DO value the smiles we share and taking time to listen. #parenting #dadhumor #tips #love #patience #children #stlphotographer #stlvideographer #selfemployed #solopreneur #blogthis

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