InstaBAM “just hold me” [via Instagram] Heart melted. Sometimes a kid only wants two things. To sleep… And to be held. Mainly to be held right now. My daughter is falling in and out of sleep at the moment while I occasionally clean her snot-gusher of a nose. She’s not feeling well, and I HOPE it passes SOON. I tried to lay her down so I could get some production time in (remember, I’m a videographer and photographer so I have multiple projects lined up THIS VERY SECOND) but she wasn’t having it. She instantly let me know putting her down was a bad idea. Loudly. After a few minutes she just wanted to curl up and lay on me. Awake. I think she wants me to skip work today. We’ll see how that goes. She has to go back to sleep eventually… Hopefully before my son gets back from school. Time will tell. #dadstuff #dadhumor #keepmovingforward #blogthis #parenting #children