Lita Lewis “Be The Exception” [via Instagram] Try this, do that, build this, create that, everyone else is doing it! ✋ I’m not so easily influenced by the masses, just because the majority are doing it doesn’t mean it’s for me.

I respond off of a FEELING. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not for me. Before making any decision I allow myself to process it; does it feel right, will it make me happy??? In society we tend to roll with the punches and allow the current to pull us up stream, we march along with the other marchers, and keep our mouths shut in fear of disturbing order. But why do we allow this to happen? Because it’s easy to flow with everyone else and do what everyone is doing. It doesn’t require much energy, real focus, and certainly doesn’t challenge us to exert the best we have to offer! It’s easy. It’s comfortable.#blogthis
Some times (most times) it takes so much more work to swim against the current, and even harder to maintain progression in the opposite direction but if it feels right then you know you’re doing the right thing!

Life was never meant to be easy, easy is comfortable, comfortable leads to complacency and complacency leads to mediocracy and if you have goals & dreams that exceed that of the norm than you must understand that you need to get UNCOMFORTABLE. Do the things you haven’t done before so you can achieve the things you have never had before.

Be moved by what FEELS RIGHT, BE THE EXCEPTION. – @litalewis 😘 #iAmTheException #ThickFit #LitaSays #Repost @followthelita


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