Kids Can Eat Clean Too [via Instagram] It’s a lot easier to feed your kids healthy foods when that’s all they know. My daughter Kaleigh loves apples. And strawberries. And blueberries. And almonds. BOTH of my kids love bananas. They really don’t get excited about most candy. Why? Because that’s not what they know. AND we don’t keep any out. Parents it’s really not that hard! Make the things they SEE things that are good for them. Ditch the cookie jar and candy bowl for a fruit bowl. Ditch the regular ice cream for fruit/veggie popsicles. Sounds kinda gross huh? I thought so when my wife first bought them. The kids go BONKERS for them though because they’re as good or better than the regular sugar-soup Popsicles you’re used to! One HUGE THING is soda. It’s so bad for kids AND adults. We were all in a store earlier this week and a man offered soda to our kids. “Pick whatever you want” he said. I just watched. My son reached into their fridge AROUND the soda to get a water bottle. He’s Four. We made a conscious decision not to keep soda in the house since before he was born. We’re not cave people, they’ve had soda from time to time. #parenting #children #dadstuff #fitfam #healthyfood #blogthis

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