InstaBAM – Dreams [via Instagram] Vince Lombardi once said “the man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there”. Yet some of us expect just that. To accidentally fall on a mountain and end up on top. We live in a time where people believe business and life success is easy. Or that there’s a direct path. Sometimes the steps are simple, but the process is incredibly challenging. It’s also not an overnight process. You’ll have to make sacrifices, tough decisions, and mistakes along the way. YES, you’ll make MISTAKES along the way but don’t let it crush you and extinguish your passion. I can tell you personally that there are mistakes I’ve made that left me extremely discouraged; but you’ve got to LEARN and GROW from those times or else. This is why you’ve got to be in a place mentally where YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and what your building even when others don’t. See it when nobody else does. Folks thought Noah was crazy for building the ark until the flood came. That’s just it. Determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. Because nothing worth having comes easily. #real talk #smb #motivation #blogthis #selftalk my site:

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