InstaBAM – Redefine Wealth [via Instagram] During a roundtable discussion of African authors on NPR, one writer said “when people talk about Africa, they always talk about poverty. Poverty of what? Poverty of materials doesn’t mean poverty of thought… Or poverty of ideas… Or poverty of relationships. We have about 30 different words for wealth And only one describes money.” I thought that was pretty powerful. Personally, I would like to have a wealth of valuable relationships. I believe people are the best thing you can invest in. That can be pretty difficult to live out, but extremely important. This photo was shot on the highways of California, near Solana beach. (Words and everything lol) CJ and Myrah had such an AWESOME gathering of family -and that includes the friends because they WERE just like family. The friends were who I actually spent the most time with besides the bride and groom. And that was a gorgeous vision of wealth. So redefine wealth in your own life. There are a lot of things you can obtain before you die, but legacy and relationships are the all that lets a piece of you live on. #blogthis #wealth #money

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