InstaBAM – Summer Spartan Fitness Update [via Instagram] Every hero needs inspiration. I want to make photos that inspire others to build their superhero body. Essentially, everyone wants to be fit on some level. Often times people will see something or someone that encourages them and makes them say “that could be me, I can be driven, now’s the time!” I just want to make the shots that motivate on that level, and can move one one to action. In conjunction with the AWESOME folks at Club Exgilaration Fitness Center, This summer I’m launching the Summer Spartan Showcase! It’s a two-day fitness photo event where participants get gym photo session at a FAR reduced price (just $95) the top 5 shots are printed as motivational posters on the gym walls. This will be a MID-JULY Saturday & Sunday afternoon. More details VERY soon 🙂 who’s that athlete? Laura Rena #motivation #inspiration #special #discount #muscle#blogthis #fitmen #fitwomen#stl #belleville

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