InstaBAM [via Instagram] Wow. I’ve been waiting to post this… As of June 25th My wife and I have officially joined the DECADE Club. Married for ten great years. This great woman has been such an incredible blessing to me and she still doesn’t quite realize that I take her wherever I go ! On our wedding day she was 19, I was 21. There were people we knew and respected that basically told us we’re too young and its a marriage doomed for failure. To that I say HA! And no. We would both tell you the joy and friendship far outweighs the difficulties that have come and gone. And I’m not some old wise goat with all the answers. But I can tell you without a SHADOW of a doubt that our faith, our beliefs, and our trust in God is absolutely what got us here. 10 years? People split after 3 years for petty stuff. I could RANT about how easily fights can start between couples… Almost always if you have a selfish mindset at that moment. But I digress. I’m so glad we weren’t afraid to marry young. (19 and 21 for you kids keeping score) We believed that’s how 50-year marriages begin. And we still do. 10 down, 40 years of love, growth adventure to go. This guy loves his wife. #blogthis #dadstuff #marriage PS, this is day 3 of our 3-day celebration so if you’ve called texted or inboxed me THATs what’s up. I’m unavailable. #keepmovingforward

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