My Instabam didn’t auto-post yesterday so I’ve gotta do this manually… Ugh. First world problems, I guess. 

My last few gym visits have been pretty mediocre. It’s a combination of time related guilt, inconsistent training visits and *ahem* trying to save money (stopped using my preworkout mix. Maybe my old homie @chanshad has some sample Scavation preworkout packs… I might get back to that. I definitely earned a sweat today BUT I didn’t push the way that I KNOW I can push. Oh well, I’ll do better next time. And this is a BUSY BUSY week, but isn’t that EVERYONE’s excuse? Don’t we all have 24hr days? Here’s what I know: someone out there is reaching MY fitness goals and they have better excuses to fail than I do. Thats true for you too, and it’s motivating. I’m working so my gorgeous supermodel wife a little more meat to hang onto 😉 and better pillows for when my little girl lays her head on my chest. #fitspo #fitness #fitmen #fitfam #keepmovingforward #makeithappen #dadstuff #blogthis #motivation #inspiration #instafitness #gohard #letsgetmade


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