What a fun baby shower! Little Princess IVY is so blessed to be part of such a loving family!




http://ift.tt/1Ip1Jmm [via Instagram] This is so incredibly true. Don’t get in an “idea rut”, pick something of value to you (and hopefully the world or a community) and act on it. I don’t just mean a geological community like a physical neighborhood… Could be a community of professionals (legal community) interests (health & fitness community) or common experience (parenting community) I think it IS valuable to do things for yourself as long as it’s not to the exclusion of the ideas you have which positively impact a community. Add value to the world. Otherwise you’ll be in your later days saying “I once had an idea to…” But you never did it.
Execution is all that really matters. So often all people do is talk! Inspired by @secretentourage
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http://ift.tt/21kBBF3 [via Instagram] When drawing blood, the phlebotomist told me what not to do after donation. She said “if today is arm day, do something else” I said, “I don’t know what your talking about, I don’t work out”. She gave me a crazy side eye then laughed. It was a pretty hilarious moment. I’m not a big guy so I thought it was funny she specifically mentioned the gym. I said “it’s ok, I wen this morning”. _________________________
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