InstaBAM [via Instagram] One thing I really love about the gym and fitness in general is the variety. You see just about every kind of person, different ethnicities, different sizes, different goals, Men, women, large, small OLD and young! All with a measure of commitment and persistence to improve himself/herself. I can’t go in and judge people dude, It’s a beautiful thing. (Well except for the clowns. Some people really are there for show. Ignore them.) It’s not about how strong you are (unless you’re a performance competitors obviously) but it’s about being the best YOU. And that’s who you’ve got to do it for. Not your boyfriend/girlfriend. Not to be part of some cool crowd. When you sincerely do it for yourself, you don’t just grow outwardly but inward as well. Some won’t get it. Some will. Keep rolling. #selflove #selfconfidence #respect
#dadstuff #fitdad #wisdom #passion #blogthis #pushpullgrind #home #fitspo #fitness #fit #quote #meme #inspiration #motivation #dedication #confidence #strength

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