InstaBAM [via Instagram] Isn’t life challenging enough without lying to yourself? I don’t feel like this is rude in any way. This is what we need to hear sometimes… Nobody cares about your lame excuses. Maybe to you, your excuse is pretty good… But I can almost guarantee that somebody, somewhere has already overcome that obstacle. #business #fitness #whatever Regardless of our goals we’re pretty consistent on having excuses for why we didn’t meet them. We’re even more consistent convincing ourselves that other people care WHY we may have failed. Let’s sober up and get real. A lot more people will care when you make a move than when you make an excuse. Embrace the failure! It’s part of the process… Learn from it and be better for it, because your reaction to adversity says a lot about your character. I’m done. Thanks self, I needed that 🙂 ——————–#blogthis #entrepreneur #solopreneur #fitspo #inspiration #motivation #dedication

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