Nobody Cares About Your Excuses 

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Isn’t life challenging enough without lying to yourself? I don’t feel like this is rude in any way. This is what we need to hear sometimes… Nobody cares about your lame excuses. Maybe to you, your excuse is pretty good… But I can almost guarantee that somebody, somewhere has already overcome that obstacle. #business #fitness #whatever Regardless of our goals we’re pretty consistent on having excuses for why we didn’t meet them. We’re even more consistent convincing ourselves that other people care WHY we may have failed. Let’s sober up and get real. A lot more people will care when you make a move than when you make an excuse. Embrace the failure! It’s part of the process… Learn from it and be better for it, because your reaction to adversity says a lot about your character. I’m done. Thanks self, I needed that 🙂 ——————–// BLOG: PRO: #blogthis #entrepreneur #solopreneur

Real Men Don’t Rape

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Real Men Don’t Rape. It’s black and white like the three stooges, but apparently some dudes need the remedial class. Rape. It happens between married couples too, but people almost never talk about it. Colleges and certain organizations have a serious problem with this crime. Young man… I urge you, in that brief heat of the moment before you make the stupidest decision of your life… Reconsider. Because I promise you when justice comes the odds will NOT be in your favor. Even if not, the act will haunt you if you have a soul. Read the stories. The conversation shouldn’t be “women use your rape whistle… Or use your mace.” The conversation shouldn’t be focused on “she shouldn’t have worn that…” Or “why was she there in the first place?” #blogthis serious stuff. The conversation should be “REAL MEN DONT RAPE” and bystander obligation. That means if you see some dumb stuff developing, and someone is probably about to take advantage of someone else… It’s your duty to at least TRY and END IT. In case you didn’t know… A person who’s drunk can’t consent. Do you know what that means? Their decision making is impaired and they’re not legally able to say “yes, let’s do this”. Evil lurks in the dark, so let’s bring #sexcrimes into the light. Tackle the issues that matter. #noapologies from me. #ignorance is not an excuse. Women -don’t be afraid to report. False reporting is a whole other (REAL) issue, and YES I KNOW men get raped too.  Report when it happens.

Working. From home. With kids. [Part 1]

So, you have small children and want to advance your home-based business?
Maybe you’re an accountant, photographer, consultant… Well you’re in for a rough ride, I won’t lie. Is it worth it? Ah, let me put it this way… There are many times over the years I’ve wanted to just give up. But over time, each instance I was better at what I do than before. I’m not where I want to be but I’m well beyond where I was when I started. (And we all have to start somewhere)

As for the title
Why the periods? Why the separation? (Working @home w/kids) BECAUSE mentally it’s incredibly hard to keep work and home separated even without children but WITH that added variable… Just breathe in deep and focus.

My timeline
I’m happily married (10 years this June!) with 2 small children 1 year old girl and 4 year old boy at the time of this post. When we had just our son, it wasn’t too bad. We had various streams of income, and a much smaller workload for my multimedia projects (photo and/or video). I even stayed pretty active on my Xbox in my downtime (I’m a huge Mass Effect fan, since you were wondering. It’s pretty much the best game series ever made. Seriously, Google it.)

SO! in typical work-from home fashion… this blog post has been disrupted and cut terribly short.


  • I’ll tell you more about work-life with Kid #1
  • how work changed with Kid #2
  • Overcoming obstacles & distractions
  • My current situation

See You SOON!