Progress or Nah?

Little to no progress? Not seeing a difference with your body in your fitness journey? Don’t get frustrated, get smart.

 It can be easy to get discouraged if you're reaching a plateau. This short post is really more for noobs and not advanced fitsters. So, if you're toward the beginning of your fitness journey, read on!

 It can be easy to get discouraged if you’re reaching a plateau. This short post is really more for noobs and not advanced fitsters. So, if you’re toward the beginning of your fitness journey, read on!

Think about what you’re doing. Are you consistent? Are you getting enough rest and water? While you train/exercise, Are you pushing yourself, or just going through the motions? You have the potential to reach your goal and look how you want, but your mind is your greatest limitation. You know how some people say “getting to the gym is the hardest part”? Well that also means more than once every week or so. Basically, if you’re hoping that one weekly yoga or Zumba class with give you a drastic body transformation, I’ve got bad news for you. Nothing against those AT ALL… But the other 6 days of the week will easily overpower that one hour of good intentions. So either add to that one day class or admit that you mainly go for the social experience. (Unless thst one hour is an INSANITY or P90X… As long as your diet doesn’t suck, you’re gonna see SOME kind of change!)


What you choose to eat makes a difference, and frequency also matters. (Hint: don’t eat less, eat better) This is just a short post to encourage you to keep going, and examine your methods and processes. Start being more intentional. If you’re not seeing what you want to see in the mirror, step back and look at your habits. I bet you’ll find some minor adjustments can get you on track!

Keep your head up! You can, you will. -Ces



NOTE// This post is meant as encouragement & quick tips, and not meant as a substitute for professional advice or council from a certified personal trainer. 

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Unique or Nah? Stand out

Seasons. Cycles. It’s about time for people to stuff themselves silly in the holiday season, then a couple weeks later recite the “new year, new you” ritual chant. Transformations are very very real, and some folks commit… But we all know the vast majority quit. Which is unfortunate. What happens before that? Before they give up they align with some kind of fitness plan. Everything from personal trainers, small and large gym memberships, boot camps, workshops, DVD fitness programs, and dance classes… They spike. There’s no shortage of people “ready to make a change” just like there’s no shortage of options available to them. Where are you in this? I’m talking to the fitness professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent personal trainer, a mom-and-pop gym, a yoga studio, or Gold’s gym -you need to market. You NEED to let people know you exist. Remind them. Keep yourself on the table of options availible or you’ll miss a great opportunity. You know what your successful competition does? They advertise. and yes, it’s an investment but doesn’t it make more sense than just keeping the doors unlocked in the hopes that new people will stumble in? Just like you tell your clients “you’re worth the cost, invest in yourself”.


Was that a rant? I don’t think so. I’m just reminding you to keep moving forward and take advantage of the seasonal membership swell up ahead.  


I worked with Crossfit Nucleus to create a video that says “this is who we are, what we offer, and why you should give it a try.’s always a pleasure to connect with Fitness entrepreneurs, competitors, and athletes in our area and beyond.

from Blog – Hero Fitography