Just another day recording with the wonderful @rainiehoward and her great guest @selenajdotcom -so nice to see these women together when so many other women (yeah, men too) don’t show love to one another… Too many people don’t celebrate the successes of others. Rainie is absolutely uplifting! #stlvideographer #makeithappen #keepmovingforward #rainieinspire #atomosninja2 the great similarity between both of these entrepreneurs is that they encourage people to #spreadlove and grow in faith. This episode o her show will help some folks out. Visit www.rainiespeaks.com My site, as always www.dexine.me

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Out on the streets of St Louis this morning. I really love it. Remember, I wasn’t born here… But I’ve been here since 2004. Dude. I really like this place, and I love the people I’ve met. From the music/art scene to the many teachers and random people my wife and I have come to know over the years, this really feels home to me. :) uh… I have to say “second home” before my San Antonio folks get mad at me. Lol. #madewithOver @Over

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