Working. From home. With kids. [Part 1]

So, you have small children and want to advance your home-based business?
Maybe you’re an accountant, photographer, consultant… Well you’re in for a rough ride, I won’t lie. Is it worth it? Ah, let me put it this way… There are many times over the years I’ve wanted to just give up. But over time, each instance I was better at what I do than before. I’m not where I want to be but I’m well beyond where I was when I started. (And we all have to start somewhere)

As for the title
Why the periods? Why the separation? (Working @home w/kids) BECAUSE mentally it’s incredibly hard to keep work and home separated even without children but WITH that added variable… Just breathe in deep and focus.

My timeline
I’m happily married (10 years this June!) with 2 small children 1 year old girl and 4 year old boy at the time of this post. When we had just our son, it wasn’t too bad. We had various streams of income, and a much smaller workload for my multimedia projects (photo and/or video). I even stayed pretty active on my Xbox in my downtime (I’m a huge Mass Effect fan, since you were wondering. It’s pretty much the best game series ever made. Seriously, Google it.)

SO! in typical work-from home fashion… this blog post has been disrupted and cut terribly short.


  • I’ll tell you more about work-life with Kid #1
  • how work changed with Kid #2
  • Overcoming obstacles & distractions
  • My current situation

See You SOON!

Resolution Rush

Year-End wrap up. Who’s ready?

It’s about time for people start declaring they will drop those extra pounds next year. The time of year they decree an end to smoking addiction, food addiction, and other bad habits, cold turkey. Now’s the time folks say they will hit the gym twice a day every day until Jesus comes back. Things like that. I’m poking fun a little, sure, but to be honest there’s something to this “new year’s resolution thing”. Although I’m definitely against waiting until the end of the year to make a significant life change, opponents of the “resolution rush” must realize that you can’t REACH a a goal you have not SET. Maybe you won’t get washboard abs overnight like most Jan-Feb new gym members want… But regardless of your goal, a little consistency goes a mighty long way.

Whatever time of year you do it, everyone needs a starting point, right? Great films don’t start in the middle so neither will your journey to greatness. (Well, the movie Snatch started in the middle… And that’s one of my all-time favorites, but you get the point, right?)
There IS a little logic to starting new things at the beginning of the year -symbolism even. A year is a simple length of measurement. People look forward to the big “fresh start”; and yes, it actually does work for a lot of people.

So, am I a FAN of the “resolution rush?” Not at all. But I’m wholeheartedly a fan of getting things done. If it takes an annual cliché movement for you to do a large task… So be it, and more power to you

Award Winner: Most Underrated Music Video

Too secular for the church crowd? Too “churchy” for the secular crowd?Some of you agree with the lyrics of this song word for word. Some don’t. Regardless, we can all agree on the core “Stop the Violence” message. When I heard the roster of talent that was coming together to make this track, and I really understood the spirit of unity (not fear or hatred) I was completely on board and HONORED that TraganRecords Illinois wanted me film this. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite film products. SHARE if you think the violence should stop. Please also stop by my page IDex Photography & Multimedia and lend me a LIKE.

I hope you share if you appreciate it. Thanks for the love.

What’s next?
Well, I Wrapped up the video with @avary_kemp2 who was rolling 50 deep LOL.


Dude was so serious watching the monitor, with his IceCube stare… I would have posted earlier but… I fell asleep when I got home! #music video #atomosninja